Super Bowl Broadcast News

Thirty-second spots during Super Bowl XLIX are being sold for an average of $4.5 million, which is up about $400,000 from 2014. Super Bowl XLIX will be broadcast on NBC from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale/Phoenix area in Arizona on Feb. 1, 2015. The weather for the game is expected not to be a factor in deciding the outcome. They have announced the Halftime entertainment for 2015. Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz will headline the Pepsi sponsored Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show.

Neilsen Ratings 2014: According to results from The Nielsen Company, the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX had an average audience of 111.5 million viewers, which surpassed the previous year’s Super Bowl, and became the most watched television program of all time. The game had a 46.4 rating and was viewed in over 53 million homes.

Nissan Super Bowl Ad teaser 2015 - Seven YouTube stars build buzz around its first Super Bowl appearance in 18 years around the theme #withdad

YouTube Stars Help Nissan’s Advertising Return to Super Bowl XLIX

Nissan is partnering with YouTube creators for its first Super Bowl campaign in 18 years. The automaker’s #withdad campaign is celebrating dads with a batch of videos from YouTube “celebrities” like Epic Meal Time, Dude Perfect, Jabbawockeez, Convos with my 2-year Old, Roman Atwood and Action Movie Kid. While the videos are all visually different and therefore not illustrative of…

2015 Toyota Super Bowl Commercial Amy Purdy 'How Great I Am' Ad in First Quarter

Paralympic Medalist Amy Purdy and Muhammad Ali Bring Voice to ‘One Bold Choice’ Toyota Camry Campaign

Toyota will have not one, but two ads during the big game on Feb. 1 with the spot entitled “How Great I Am” slated to appear in the first quarter of the Super Bowl broadcast. The ad features Team Toyota athlete, Paralympic medalist and Dancing with the Stars finalist Amy Purdy along with the iconic voice of Muhammad Ali, as…

Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Ad Mindy Kaling Invisible

Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teaser – Invisible Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling proved that she’s one of TV’s MVPs by scoring a role in a Super Bowl ad for Nationwide. The Mindy Project star is definitely an upgrade for the insurance company — it’s currently airing those irritating ads that feature Peyton Manning humming the Nationwide jingle. During her Super Bowl commercial, Mindy Kaling decides that she’s invisible after years…

Skittles Super Bowl XLIX Commercial Teaser: It Will be Settled

Skittles takes strong-arm approach to first Super Bowl ad

Skittles is taking a strong-arm approach in its first-ever 2015 Super Bowl XLIX ad. The commercial preview features townspeople with enormous right arms, and the tag line, “It Will Be Settled.” “It’s all about entertaining the viewers and the Skittles fans, and doing that in a humorous way,” said Matt Montei, senior marketing director at Chicago-based Wrigley, which owns the…

Charlotte McKinney goes All-Natural for Carl's Jr. in this regional 2015 Super Bowl ad

Charlotte McKinney Stars in Racy Carl’s Jr. Regional Super Bowl Ad

Perhaps one of the raciest Super Bowl spots, ever, will be seen on Super Bowl Sunday Feb 1, 2015 by less than half the country. The regional ad by regional burger chain Carl’s Jr., which will mostly be seen by viewers in states in the West, features a Charlotte McKinneypromoting its new All-Natural Burger by walking though a farmers market…

The 30-second spot is part of the brand’s Valentine’s Day campaign and will air after the fourth quarter 2-minute warning during the Super Bowl telecast.

Victoria’s Secret Angels in Super Bowl Ad

For the first time since 2008, Victoria’s Secret is getting in the game with a commercial during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1. The advertisement is part of the brand’s Valentine’s Day marketing efforts which also include the release of their “Don’t Drop The Ball” web video. “The Super Bowl is the single best opportunity for Victoria’s Secret to… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Pepsi goes to desert in Super Bowl ad

Don’t look for the Phoenix skyline in Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial. Look for the desert. Pepsi’s highly anticipated Super Bowl commercial — which will directly lead into the halftime show that it sponsors starring Katy Perry — is set in the desert and is littered with visual “surprises” of desert scenery and desert activity, says Lou Arbetter, senior director of…

During Super Bowl 49, make sure to tune in for a very special episode of The Brady Bunch, starring Danny Trejo.

Snickers Iconic ‘Brady Bunch’ Scene in Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Snickers’ Super Bowl ad is attempting to whet the appetites of “The Brady Bunch” fans with a teaser two weeks before the big game. The 22-second teaser features action star Danny Trejo, from “Machete” and “Sons of Anarchy,” in a recreation of an iconic scene from the family sitcom. “It’s not every day that my agent calls and says I’ve…

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