Volkswagen Game Day Teaser – German Engineers Create The Ultimate Game Day Commercial

The precision of German engineering makes great cars. Why not great commercials? See what happens when Volkswagen engineers develop an algorithm to create the ultimate Game Day commercial, featuring Carmen Electra, babies, puppies, Wang Chung and more. It’s a surefire recipe for advertising success. Or not. Learn more about the power of German Engineering here: Meticulous Engineering: Part 1…


Bud Light Releases Super Bowl Teaser Ads With Schwarzenegger, Cheadle and Watts

Bud Light released six short teaser videos for its upcoming Super Bowl commercials, revealing that two of the brand’s ads will feature celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, and Reggie Watts. The teaser ads give viewers a clue that the “Epic Night” ads will tell several interweaving stories featuring wild nighttime escapades in the vein of the popular “The Hangover” movies….

“A Better Web Awaits,” is about how Squarespace’s simple self-publishing tools make it easy to handle the intimidating tasks of managing a website.

[VIDEO] Squarespace’s Freaky Super Bowl XLVIII Ad Teaser

The web publishing platform Squarespace will advertise at this year’s Super Bowl. Squarespace will introduce itself with ominous music, maniacal laughter, and creepy imagery. The 15-second teaser shows a man being overwhelmed by a run-down urban area meant to represent the internet, complete with unwanted personal ads and evil memes. There is also a disturbing shot of an adult man with…


[SPOILER ALERT] AXE Super Bowl Commercial :60 Preview Released

To introduce a new line, Axe Peace, the 30-second spot opens on military helicopters flying over a jungle and cuts to a tank driving down the street of a bomb-ravaged city. A young uniformed man reminiscent of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un then appears — first lady at his side — overlooking a sea of soldiers, and the ad…


Butterfinger Releases Super Bowl Ad Teasers

To launch its Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, the brand’s first new product in five years, Nestle has released a humorous Super Bowl ad teaser about peanut butter and chocolate going to couples therapy. Nestle is hoping that promoting the new product during the Super Bowl will help it gain ground against Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Advertisers used to keep their…


Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in Kia K900 Super Bowl ad

As reported earlier in our Super Bowl Ad Chart: Who’s in Super Bowl 2014 Laurence Fishburne will be starring in the Kia Super Bowl commercial for the K900 A couple will encounter Morpheus at a valet stand, where he will offer them two keys — a spoof of the “red pill/blue pill scene” from the first movie. “Should they choose…


Jaguar Super Bowl Ad Teaser Stars Ben Kingsley

The British car manufacturer Jaguar’s first ever Super Bowl ad will feature U.K. actor Ben Kingsley, according to a new teaser video released Saturday. Jaguar’s campaign leading up to the Super Bowl has focused on promoting the brand as a sophisticated British villain invading the U.S. luxury vehicle market to challenge mainstays like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. The new teaser shows…


SodaStream Reveals Plans For Super Bowl Ad With Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson will appear in a commercial for the SodaStream home soda-making system. The commercial, scheduled to run in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox on Feb. 2, is the beginning of a multiyear, worldwide endorsement deal between Ms. Johansson and SodaStream International. The agreement, brokered by Corbis Entertainment, is to be announced Friday afternoon, followed by…


Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ads 2014 Details Released

The redesigned 2015 Hyundai Genesis and the 2014 Hyundai Elantra will star in the Korean automaker’s 2014 Super Bowl commercials. Hyundai will air two 30-second spots during the game, marking the company’s seventh straight Super Bowl appearance. The ads use clever interpretations of real life moments to position a Hyundai as the ultimate driving companion and trusted family member. Creative…


Heinz Ketchup Returns to Super Bowl Ad Game

During Super Bowl XLVIII, Heinz® Ketchup will air a 30 second television commercial, marking its first appearance in the Big Game in sixteen years, and only the second appearance in the brand’s history. “Heinz’s participation in the Super Bowl is an opportunity to remind consumers of the love they have for this iconic brand,” said Bill Ulrick, Senior Brand Manager…


Doritos Reveals the Five Consumer-Created Commercials Competing for $1 Million Grand Prize

Selected from thousands of submissions representing 30 countries around the world, the Doritos brand today announced the five finalists for the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest who are vying for a $1 million (U.S.) grand prize. Fans are now invited to vote for the best ad on from January 4 through January 29. Ultimately, two ads will air…


[VIDEO] Audi Releases Four A3 commercials, likely headed for Super Bowl

With the announcement from Audi that it’s new A3 would be the star of this year’s Super Bowl advertising efforts still relatively fresh, it comes as a bit of a shock that what may be game-bound ads for the new small car are already starting to show up. A3forums found four ads for the new A3, all of which are…

2014 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial 'Bodybuilder" with Danica Patrick in a muscle suit

Danica Patrick ‘Bulks Up’ For GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

Danica Patrick appears to have muscled up for the 2014 version of the Super Bowl commercial. Patrick is getting plenty of attention for it across the social media landscape. Patrick donned a muscle suit for a GoDaddy commercial shoot this week in Los Angeles. The commercial will air during the Super Bowl — remember, Patrick is the person who…