Go Daddy Announces Super Bowl Advertising Plan

Go Daddy’s commercials for the 2011 Super Bowl are far from being approved, in fact, they haven’t even been filmed yet, but CEO and Founder Bob Parsons declared Go Daddy will advertise in the big game for a seventh consecutive year. Go Daddy has purchased two 30-second spots in the Super Bowl and a single 30-second pregame commercial on FOX – all to be produced by Go Daddy Productions.

Parsons also said, like every other year, the ads will be GoDaddy-esque – meaning edgy, fun and slightly inappropriate – but this year will be different because Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and newcomer Jillian Michaels will both be featured.

“Jillian has the power … Danica has the speed! Together, our dynamic duo of Go Daddy Girls add up to sheer Super Bowl magic,” Parsons said. “Hopefully the FOX network won’t keep commercial creativity on such a short leash this time around. For 2011, Go Daddy is going to be as edgy as ever – in fact, our goal is to ‘out Go Daddy’ ourselves!”

GM Planning Super Bowl Ad

GM Planning Super Bowl Ad By Jamie Page Deaton Posted: Aug 09, 2010 10:10 a.m. Sure, we just had the first pre-season NFL game yesterday, but as any coach will tell you, it’s never too early to start planning a trip to the Super Bowl.  Just ask General Motors. Joel Ewanick, GM’s vice president of marketing, told Advertising Age that GM…

Sands Research Announces Results of Neuromarketing Study Ranking Effectiveness of 2010 Super Bowl Ads

For Immediate Release sands research annouces results of neuromarketing study ranking effectiveness of 2010 super bowl commercials   This Year’s Most Engaging Include Volkswagen and Google Advertisements; Past Top Spots Have Achieved Considerable Future Success February 24, 2010 – El Paso, TX – Leading neuromarketing firm Sands Research announced today that it has completed its annual study gauging the effectiveness…

Papa John’s Readies for Super Bowl Spotlight

As the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl XLIV, Papa John’s will be featured in the Super Bowl telecast for the first time in company history. Near the two-minute warning of the first half, Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter will be featured in a 30-second broadcast enhancement, customized and themed for Super Bowl XLIV, celebrating the people who make the NFL and Super Bowl XLIV great — the latest installment in the brand’s “Papa’s in the House” ad campaign.

Diamond Foods is Making a Huge Splash at the Super Bowl

Diamond Foods will be making a splash with its ad featuring the World’s Most Flamboyant dolphin trainer standing on top of a volcano in the middle of a marine theme park. The commercial begins with the trainer whipping the crowd into a frenzy screaming “Let’s Get Aquatic!” The ad ends with the phrase “Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer.” How this relates to popcorn and snack nuts will be revealed during the second half of the game.

Dockers® and Shazam® Partner to Bring “Wear The Pants™” Campaign to Smartphones Everywhere

Dockers® brand has created an innovative way to provide consumers with relevant content on their terms. Dockers® and Shazam® have developed an integrated program that allows consumers who watch the new Dockers® “Men Without Pants” TV commercial to use their mobile devices to engage at a deeper level with the brand – a world’s first. Once the ad is “shazamed,” viewers will link directly to a branded-content site. This technology is a major step forward in making TV clickable like digital media.

The new commercial debuts during the Super Bowl XLIV broadcast on February 7 on CBS, the first Dockers commercial to air on the Super Bowl since 2002. Viewers who have Shazam® downloaded on their smartphones can tag the spot and are instantly taken to a branded-content page. On this page, consumers can read about the “Wear the Pants™” campaign, learn about and purchase the “I Wear No Pants” track and more. The ad debut will also include a khaki pant giveaway promotion that can be entered immediately via consumer mobile devices with the Shazam® technology. The commercial continues through 2010 on a variety of shows and networks including NBA on TNT, FX, Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel and will also air online immediately following the Super Bowl debut. The khaki give away runs from February 7 – 15, 2010.

TNS Media Intelligence Reports Super Bowl Spending Reached $2.17 Billion over the Past 20 Years


The escalating chatter surrounding Super Bowl XLIV is not just about the teams competing for the 2010 championship. The TV commercials that will appear during the game are also the subject of discussion and speculation. And participating advertisers will once again be confronted with the difficult question of whether the Super Bowl is a smart marketing investment or a wasted use of the budget.

TNS Media Intelligence has again combed through its extensive database to report on the past 20 years of Super Bowl advertising. From 1990 thru 2009, the Super Bowl game has generated $2.17 billion of network sales from a total of 210 different advertisers and more than 1,400 commercial messages.

“The Super Bowl remains a singular event for engaging the broadest number of consumers at one time,” said Mark Nesbitt, President, TNS Media Intelligence. “Because it is viewed live and experienced by a majority of the country at the same time, a commercial presence on the broadcast has great significance and impact for a brand, making each not so much a brand message as a brand event. It is why a presence on the broadcast lends itself so effectively to an integrated marketing effort.”

“As an advertising event, the Super Bowl has evolved beyond a vehicle for presenting expensive, stand-alone commercial spots that seek to entertain viewers and generate awareness,” said Jon Swallen, SVP Research for TNS Media Intelligence. “Increasingly, in-game spots are being supplemented by elaborate integrated communications programs that attempt to drive traffic online or in-store, generate positive social media discussion, incorporate public relations effort and ultimately achieve a strong ROI.”

How to Boost Your Super Bowl ROI

Consider that $3 million you just dropped on a 30-second Super Bowl spot a waste of money — unless you’ve got a smart, calculated search-and-social-media strategy behind it.

Last year, the ads from the big game racked up 99.5 million collective online views and 98.7 million people watched the game on TV.

“Social media provides a longer shelf life for people’s campaigns,” said Anthony Iaffaldano, senior director-strategy and innovation at Reprise Media. “It’s about who’s got a plan in place to take the equity they’re building through all this activity and activate it after the game. Social media becomes more valuable as you continue to engage.”

About 90% of brands had their Super Bowl ads up on YouTube in 2009, estimates a Google executive, although that’s just the bare minimum. A quarter of the brands in the Bowl tapped social networks to try to drive additional comments, ratings and conversation. And more than two-thirds bought paid-search ads against their brands or products.

Super Bowl Ad Buys: Social Media Will Impact Marketers’ Decisions

Increased digital word-of-mouth marketing — using social media and other platforms — could shift marketers’ media plan dynamics for next February’s Super Bowl. Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president of digital strategic services, and Randall Beard, executive vice president and general manager of Nielsen IAG, write that “earned media” — material from social-networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook — “will be a huge test, as the new reality of consumer expression” for next year’s big football game. For instance, Tweets embedded in Facebook feeds, blog entries and Google search results can have long-term value. They say these efforts, in conjunction with Super Bowl ads, can have a “latency” effect and provide brands with an almost endless annuity of “earned media.” Nielsen cites the example of Nationwide Insurance, which three years ago ran a Super Bowl commercial featuring ex-Britney Spears husband Kevin Federline that grabbed over $20 million dollars in “earned media.”

Advertisers keep their heads in the game

In the advertising world, building buzz is the pregame game. Coca-Cola is readying an update to the Mean Joe Greene commercial featuring Troy Polamalu and his bountiful hair. (Coca-Cola did not return calls seeking confirmation.) “Everybody’s been waiting for the next Mean Joe spot,” says Bob Horowitz, the executive producer of Super Bowls’ Greatest Commercials, adding that Mr. Polamalu is known for his charisma and not his crankiness.

Years Later, Supreme Court wants new look at ‘wardrobe malfunction’

The case of Janet Jackson’s "wardrobe malfunction" on national television — and subsequent fines against CBS — will be re-examined at the order of the Supreme Court.

The justices Monday sent the case back to a federal appeals court in Philadelphia that had thrown out a $550,000 government fine against the broadcast network and its affiliates for airing the incident during halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl. The pop singer’s breast was briefly exposed during a performance with singer Justin Timberlake. After viewer complaints and national media attention, the Federal Communications Commission said the Jackson incident was obscene. In addition to CBS Inc., 20 of its affiliates also were fined.

Bruce Springsteen Admits Super Bowl Gig Was Done To Spur Ticket Sales

http://tinyurl.com/y87k4h3 Bruce Springsteen shed light on why after years of turning the NFL’s Super Bowl requests down flat, he broke tradition and performed with the E Street Band during the halftime spectacle. He explained to The Los Angeles Times, "I’ve said no for about 10 years or however long they’ve been asking, but, I tell you, we played on the…

Watch your favorite 2009 Super Bowl ads

USA TODAY’s Ad Meter tracks the second-by-second responses of a panel of viewers to ads during the Super Bowl and Ranks them from best to worst. ‘Two nobodies from nowhere’ craft winning Super Bowl ad.