Bear Ransacks a Grocery Store in Chobani’s Super Bowl commercial

If you want viewers to pay attention — as well as like and share a clip on social media — bring in an anthropomorphic animal. In the ad, a fierce brown bear ransacks a grocery as a proxy for human shoppers, acting out how “you can go to a supermarket and go through the aisles and you cannot find a…

Labatt's Beer Local market Super Bowl XLVII commercial

[VIDEO] Labatt Blue Brings Back Iconic Bear in Super Bowl Ad (Local Markets)

The Labatt Bear Spot to Air During Super Bowl® XLVII in Northeastern and Midwestern U.S. Markets An advertising icon from the back woods of Canada recently emerged again. The Labatt Bear gained popularity as one of Labatt Blue’s best commercials of all time. Here’s a sneak peak of the Labatt Bear commercial before it airs. After the big game, even…