2013 Volkswagen Super Bowl XLVII commercial "Get Happy"

Wacky Super Bowl Ads Are Already Getting Serious Play

The television audience for the Super Bowl is projected to top 100 million. But if you’ve been surfing the Web this week, you’ve probably already seen some of Sunday’s big plays — the ads. The spots, which CBS News says are costabout $3.8 million for 30 seconds of air time, have spread over social media like virtual fire. Tim Nudd,…

Branded Multichannel Ad Campaigns Emerge From Super Bowl Spots

Football fans didn’t tap into mobile devices to catch the New York Giants’ win over the New Engine Patriots Sunday as many analysts expected, but the ad industry did hit a major milestone in multichannel marketing. Consumers searched for data and game stats on desktop and mobile search engines, and viewed ads on YouTube and other video channels. Attaching buzz…

How to Create that Super Bowl Ad Buzz

Here’s some tips on creating Super Bowl Ad buzz by Brian Cavoli, Director of Marketing for BzzAgent. 1. Focus on the Conversation People use Facebook to get involved in conversation. It may be easy to get people to visit your page and comment on the ad, but that type of conversation isn’t meaningful and it doesn’t last long. Jokes about…

All the Super Bowl Ad Buzz

Read More at: MediaLife Magazine Here’s a look at what Super Bowl ads and advertisers are generating the most buzz leading up to this year’s game: Anheuser-Busch, annually a contender for the best Super Bowl spot, has posted stills from its commercials on its Bud Light Facebook page and is challenging fans to guess the storylines of each in advance…

Go Daddy Announces Super Bowl Advertising Plan

Go Daddy’s commercials for the 2011 Super Bowl are far from being approved, in fact, they haven’t even been filmed yet, but CEO and Founder Bob Parsons declared Go Daddy will advertise in the big game for a seventh consecutive year. Go Daddy has purchased two 30-second spots in the Super Bowl and a single 30-second pregame commercial on FOX – all to be produced by Go Daddy Productions.

Parsons also said, like every other year, the ads will be GoDaddy-esque – meaning edgy, fun and slightly inappropriate – but this year will be different because Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and newcomer Jillian Michaels will both be featured.

“Jillian has the power … Danica has the speed! Together, our dynamic duo of Go Daddy Girls add up to sheer Super Bowl magic,” Parsons said. “Hopefully the FOX network won’t keep commercial creativity on such a short leash this time around. For 2011, Go Daddy is going to be as edgy as ever – in fact, our goal is to ‘out Go Daddy’ ourselves!”

Rejected or not, Super Bowl ads generate buzz

“A whole cottage industry has grown up out of trying to make use of network turndowns,” said Martin Franks, executive vice president of planning, policy and government affairs at CBS Corp, which is televising the NFL game this year. “It can happen in the middle of July, but obviously this is a wonderfully high-profile opportunity.”

The commercial approval process has come under heavy scrutiny this year since CBS approved an ad sponsored by a conservative Christian group called Focus on the Family. Some U.S. women’s groups have urged the network not to air the ad — which stars college football star Tim Tebow — saying it has a strident anti-abortion rights message.

Industry executives and analysts recognize Internet domain company, which annually airs several ads during the Super Bowl as the best at attracting attention for its ads. On Thursday, GoDaddy in a press release invited consumers to view its latest rejected ad at the company website.

“GoDaddy was one of the first advertisers who set out to capitalize on the fact that ads get rejected and that there’s a PR opportunity in that,” said Tim Calkins, marketing professor with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. GoDaddy is one of the PR masters of the Super Bowl.”

Other companies that have had ads rejected as inappropriate this year include online jobs site and gay male dating site Last year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) garnered the spotlight for an ad General Electric’s NBC rejected.

How Super is the Super Bowl? 62% of Advertisers will Fumble ROI

The 8th annual Super Bowl Engagement Survey, conducted by Brand Keys, Inc. (, a New York- based brand and customer loyalty research consultancy, reports that when it comes to the monetary return advertisers will get on their advertising investments in the Super Bowl, upsets are not limited to the playing field.

Five Winners and Five Losers
Brand Keys’ research shows that Denny’s, Viacom’s Iron Man 2, Hyundai, Anhauser-Busch (Budweiser), and Diamond Food’s Pop-Secret are the five advertisers most likely to get the highest return on their Super Bowl ad investments. Advertisers like TRUTV, Kia, HomeAway, Dockers, and Dr. Pepper are likely to see much lower returns.