2013 hyundai Super bowl XLVII commercial "Team"

“Kid Friendly” Super Bowl XLVII Ads That You Can Show Your Kids Now

Parents know that watching the Super bowl with your kids can sometimes be a bit awkward. Here’s a collection of the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII ads that you can show them now. E*TRADE’s Talking Baby “Save It” Hyundai “Team” Doritos “Fashionista” Toyota “Wish Granted” The Rock “Got Milk?” Volkswagen “Be Happy” Budweiser “Brotherhood”

theAgency San Diego creates Super Bowl Commercial Bracket

Joel Kordyak of theAgency San Diego was inspired to create a competitive bracket pitting the major advertisers against each other to declare the best Super Bowl advertiser. Download the bracket here and watch the commercials during the Super Bowl. Join in your own advertising snobbery as you carefully judge and crown the Super Bowl King! Then, post a comment on…

Relativity Media’s “Act of Valor” to advertise during Super Bowl XLVI

Relativity Media announced today that it will promote the Bandito Brothers’ upcoming intense action-thriller Act of Valor, which stars an elite group of active-duty Navy SEALs in a fictionalized composite of actual events, during NBC’s nationally televised coverage of Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012. Four 30-second unique Act of Valor commercials, featuring exclusive content, will run throughout the…

The best rejected Super Bowl commercials

Read More and see the commercials at: theScore Advertising has come a long way from those family friendly marketing figures like the creepy old Orville Redenbacher guy in his bright red suspenders and bow tie, and eight-year-old kids yelling for a large jug to bust through a wooden fence. Yes, it’s official: sex sells. I’m sure this is a startling…

The 50 Worst Commercials in Super Bowl History

Read more and see the slideshow (with video) at: Bleacher Report With Super Bowl XLV (that’s 45, for those of you whose Roman Numerals aren’t up to snuff) just around the corner, many people’s attention turns to the commercials involved in that biggest of big football games. After all, as the most expensive advertisement space on the face of the…

Fox Sells Out Super Bowl

Fox has crossed its goal line and sold the last of the commercials in the Super Bowl, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

Usually there are a couple of spots remaining up until the weekend of the game, but this year sales have moved quickly.

There were only two spots left earlier this week, but an unidentified advertiser agreed to pay the $3 million Fox was seeking plus buy time in pregame programming.

Go Daddy Announces Super Bowl Advertising Plan

Go Daddy’s commercials for the 2011 Super Bowl are far from being approved, in fact, they haven’t even been filmed yet, but CEO and Founder Bob Parsons declared Go Daddy will advertise in the big game for a seventh consecutive year. Go Daddy has purchased two 30-second spots in the Super Bowl and a single 30-second pregame commercial on FOX – all to be produced by Go Daddy Productions.

Parsons also said, like every other year, the ads will be GoDaddy-esque – meaning edgy, fun and slightly inappropriate – but this year will be different because Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and newcomer Jillian Michaels will both be featured.

“Jillian has the power … Danica has the speed! Together, our dynamic duo of Go Daddy Girls add up to sheer Super Bowl magic,” Parsons said. “Hopefully the FOX network won’t keep commercial creativity on such a short leash this time around. For 2011, Go Daddy is going to be as edgy as ever – in fact, our goal is to ‘out Go Daddy’ ourselves!”

E-Trade, Preparing For Super Bowl, Seeks Fresh ‘Baby’ Concepts

E-Trade Financial Corp. will advertise in the Super Bowl again early next year. The spot will certainly feature a talking baby. The idea for its commercial, however, may not be one cooked up by E-Trade ad agency Grey Group.

The storyline for the spot could come from a pool of videographers who submitted 250 submissions for E-Trade and Grey through Poptent, a social network dedicated to crowdsourcing video content. Grey will produce any of the work chosen from the pool, says E-Trade Chief Marketing Officer Nick Utton.

Utton, who stresses he is “delighted” with Grey, tells me he decided to crowdsource ideas for E-Trade’s 2011 advertising campaign to make sure the financial services company has the “best advertising imaginable” going in to the new year. “If we can get some ideas from people as creative fodder, it would be helpful.”

PepsiCos Doritos and Pepsi MAX Turn Over Unprecedented Six Super Bowl Ads to Consumers With $5 Million on the Line for Top-Ranking Spots

PepsiCos Doritos and Pepsi MAX Turn Over Unprecedented Six Super Bowl Ads to Consumers With $5 Million on the Line for Top-Ranking Spots. PLANO, Texas, and NEW YORK, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Marking the fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking contest that changed the Super Bowl advertising landscape, the Doritos brand today launched the biggest, most unexpected Crash the Super Bowl…

GM Planning Super Bowl Ad

GM Planning Super Bowl Ad By Jamie Page Deaton Posted: Aug 09, 2010 10:10 a.m. Sure, we just had the first pre-season NFL game yesterday, but as any coach will tell you, it’s never too early to start planning a trip to the Super Bowl.  Just ask General Motors. Joel Ewanick, GM’s vice president of marketing, told Advertising Age that GM…

Super Bowl commercial lawsuits keep coming

By Eriq Gardner For the third time in the last 10 days, a commercial that aired during this year’s Super Bowl has prompted a lawsuit. The latest targets a spot aired by Kia Motors that allegedly rips off a classic funk tune by Dyke & the Blazers called “Let a Woman Be a Woman.” Drive-In Music Company, which says it…

CBS gives free air time after Super Bowl snafu

March 03, 2010 3:25 PM Pantsless hullabaloo in Super Bowl leads to Dockers getting three spots in NCAA tourney. By Brian Steinberg, Talk about getting caught with your pants down. After running back-to-back ads in the Super Bowl utilizing the same creative theme — people walking about without any trousers — CBS has agreed to give one of the…

Sands Research Announces Results of Neuromarketing Study Ranking Effectiveness of 2010 Super Bowl Ads

For Immediate Release sands research annouces results of neuromarketing study ranking effectiveness of 2010 super bowl commercials   This Year’s Most Engaging Include Volkswagen and Google Advertisements; Past Top Spots Have Achieved Considerable Future Success February 24, 2010 – El Paso, TX – Leading neuromarketing firm Sands Research announced today that it has completed its annual study gauging the effectiveness…

Wired’s Biometric Super Bowl Ad Winner Is a Geeky Surprise

The results are in from the Wired Biometric Super Bowl Party, and 25 of our readers’ autonomic nervous systems have selected their top 10 advertisements. The Google ad that had everyone talking after the game got the attention of our party goers as well, but the real winner was a surprise. It turns out our readers are even geekier than we thought….