Forced retirement looms for E-Trade baby as ad agency severs ties

Dot-coms, tech firms and startups often run the dumbest, most offensive TV ads and Super Bowl commercials. But one little baby in the bunch has always been old reliable – the E-Trade baby. The little guy is looking at early retirement, though, as the ad agency responsible for creating the popular ‘talking baby’ campaign has suddenly severed its ties with…

E*TRADE Announces Advertising Plans for Super Bowl XLVI

E*TRADE Financial Corp. announced that E*TRADE Securities LLC will return to the biggest advertising event of the year with a new Talking Baby commercial slated to debut during the NBC television network broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012. This marks the fifth anniversary of the iconic E*TRADE Baby campaign. The Super Bowl spot, one of a series…

Teams Are Unknown, but Super Bowl Spots Line Up

Read More at: NYTimes Super Bowl viewers are expecting to see — in addition to a football game — a batch of busy, glossy new commercials infused with time-tested entertainment elements like celebrities, animals, attractive young women and yes, babies. Critics deride such content as corny or predictable., the Web site of the trade publication Advertising Age, mocked conventions…

E-Trade, Preparing For Super Bowl, Seeks Fresh ‘Baby’ Concepts

E-Trade Financial Corp. will advertise in the Super Bowl again early next year. The spot will certainly feature a talking baby. The idea for its commercial, however, may not be one cooked up by E-Trade ad agency Grey Group.

The storyline for the spot could come from a pool of videographers who submitted 250 submissions for E-Trade and Grey through Poptent, a social network dedicated to crowdsourcing video content. Grey will produce any of the work chosen from the pool, says E-Trade Chief Marketing Officer Nick Utton.

Utton, who stresses he is “delighted” with Grey, tells me he decided to crowdsource ideas for E-Trade’s 2011 advertising campaign to make sure the financial services company has the “best advertising imaginable” going in to the new year. “If we can get some ideas from people as creative fodder, it would be helpful.”

Lindsay Lohan ends NY lawsuit over E-Trade baby ad

Lindsay Lohan’s $100 million lawsuit over an E-Trade television commercial is all over, baby. A Manhattan court filing Monday said the actress has withdrawn her case against the brokerage, which she’d accused of making her the implied target of jokes about a “milkaholic” named Lindsay in a Super Bowl ad this year.

Most Super Bowl Ads Don’t Go Viral

Most Super Bowl Ads Don’t Go Viral Two Weeks After the Game, the Ads Drop Off the List, Replaced By Real Viral Campaigns by Michael Learmonth Published: February 25, 2010 NEW YORK ( — This week’s chart is a testament to the power of TV. Now that the Super Bowl is a fading memory, so are many of the Super…

2010 E*Trade releases only still images

Today, two new images from E*TRADE’s “Talking Baby” ads were released. They are keeping their ads secret until 5:30 on Super Bowl Sunday.

The first ad entitled “Girlfriend” has the popular character at home, in front of his computer with a shocked look on his face. The other ad called “First Class” has the Talking Baby aboard an airplane and appears to be taking the red-eye.

E*TRADE has also developed a social-networking tool. Babymail an application that lets folks create talking-baby messages to share at

2010 E*TRADE Baby “Outtakes”

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