The Playboy Party Presented By Crown Royal Promises To Be The Hottest Event In New Orleans During Pro Football’s Biggest Weekend Of The Year

TONIGHT! Exclusive Party to be Held at Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar Playboy will once again throw the most exclusive party in town during New Orleans’ highly-anticipated Super Bowl weekend and promises to be one of the Big Easy’s most talked-about events. The legendary evening will be hosted by 20 Playboy Playmates, with music by DJs Devin Lucien and Jesse Marco…

Playboy says Super Bowl party’s over

Playboy and Sports Illustrated — mainstays of the big event — announced last week they won’t hold their usual Super Bowl Week parties in Tampa this month. No Playmates, bunnies, swimsuit models or Hef’s girlfriends. Maxim will still hold its party, the Tampa Tribune reports, and a Playboy spokeswoman said it will be sending, representatives to the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.

Bowled under,0,2206001.story?coll=bal-business-headlines From that lame excuse for a game to those tame commercials, there was little super about this year’s spectacle By Steve Johnson Chicago Tribune Welcome to the Microsoft Word/Dell PC article about the RadioShack Pre-game Show, the Charles Schwab Kickoff Show, the Coach Don Shula coin toss, the Reebok Halftime Report, the AT&T Wireless Halftime Show, and — oh,…

Advertisers ready to make Americans laugh again

Advertisers that primarily limited their messages to somber or patriotic themes immediately after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks are having some fun again.

Sight gags, word games and other clever twists that turn the human condition on its head are resurfacing in television advertising, but advertisers are handling comedy with care rather than risk offending edgy consumers. Not surprisingly, companies that used humor before Sept. 11 have taken the lead with the funny-bone approach.

The funny stuff will be apparent during commercial breaks in Fox’s Feb. 3 Super Bowl broadcast — in which marketers are paying close to $2 million for 30-second spots — and the Winter Olympic Games, scheduled to start in early February.

Budweiser Dominates Ad Showdown in Super Bowl XXXIII Research International Panel Says “Who Needs BudBowl?” NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) – It wasn’t Rod Smith’s long touchdown pass from John Elway or Tim Dwight’s exciting kick returns that were on the mind of attendees of Research International’s First Official Super Bowl Party in Reverse at Mickey Mantle’s Sunday in New York City. It was the ad-by-ad analysis of…