2013 Kia Sorento Super Bowl XLVII commercial "Space babies"

[VIDEO] 2013 Kia Super Bowl XLVII commercial “Space Babies”

When it comes to our kids, there’s an age-old question that has perplexed parents for generations. “Where do babies come from?” Now, for the first time ever, we’ll reveal this untold story through an epic journey, nine months in the making. Watch as a nervous father navigates through this delicate situation, with a little help from his 2014 Kia Sorento…

Kia Unveils Super Bowl Ad With Popular Life-Size Children’s Characters Taking Cross-Country Joyride

The first-ever Super Bowl spot for Kia continues the launch of its first U.S.-built vehicle. The 60-second spot, titled “Joyride Dream,” follows the colorful cast of life-size children’s characters for a spin through a series of dream-like adventures and encounter exploding bowling pins, jumping jet skis, snow angels and a mechanical bull along the way. The cast of popular children’s characters includes Muno (from the award-winning series YO GABBA GABBA!), Sock Monkey (Fox River Mills, Inc.), and MR. X (BLABLA KIDS collection) Soundtrack for the whirlwind adventure features ‘How Do You Like Me Now’ by The Heavy.