Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl Commercial Sparks Outrage on Twitter

Who knew a Coke commercial could cause such an uproar? Coca-Cola aired a Super Bowl commercial titled “It’s Beautiful,” with a simple premise: scenes from American life (families, pool parties, road trips, what have you) with “America the Beautiful” playing in the background. The twist? The patriotic tune was sung in different languages. The uproar began as some people began… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

3 Social Lessons for Brands From the Super Bowl Blackout

The Big Game has come and gone. While most people are talking about their favorite – or in some cases – least favorite Super Bowl ads, the real showstopper wasn’t the commercials or even Beyoncé reuniting with Destiny’s Child. No, the real event took place during the 32 minutes that the stadium went dark. At the house party where I… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Infographic: Which Brand Was the Super Bowl Tweet Champion?

Nearly 30% of tweets sent during the Super Bowl were about the ads—who got the most social bang for their buck? With brands investing a record $4 million for a 30-second spot, today’s infographic by digital agency WhisprGroup looks at how that ad spend translated into social ROI for brands—and who got the biggest social bang for its buck. Here…

The #AdScrimmage 2013 winner and the top Super Bowl ad hashtags

Forty-six Super Bowl ads competed for bragging rights. One clear champion has emerged. The ad with the most votes in the second annual Twitter #AdScrimmage is Samsung’s “Next Big Thing.” The commercial stars actors Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd brainstorming with a @SamsungMobileUS exec about a Super Bowl ad concept featuring LeBron James (@KingJames). LeBron actually makes a cameo on… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

The super Tweets of #SB47

The game is over, the confetti has descended, and #RavensNation is celebrating their big victory. During the Sunday matchup between the @ravens and @49ers, the roar of the crowd was comprised of 24.1 million Tweets about the game and halftime show (this leaves aside the ads, about which more below). By the beginning of the second half, the volume of… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

50% Of Super Bowl Ads Worked Twitter Into Their Commercials

According to Marketing Land, 26 of the 52 national Super Bowl ads mentioned Twitter in their spots. Considering that the Super Bowl generated 24 million tweets, that’s a smart bandwagon to jump on. YouTube and Instagram each got a shout out, and Facebook was mentioned four times. Nothing for Google+, though. Here are the commercials that had some mention of…

2013 Volkswagen Super Bowl XLVII commercial "Get Happy"

Brandbowl picks Volkswagen as best 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

In BrandBowl’s 3rd “Twitter” Round up of the Ads of Super Bowl XLVII. It was a battle to the end, but Volkswagen – who drove (no pun) most of the buzz leading up to the Super Bowl with its pre-released “Get In. Get Happy” ad – held off Stevie Wonder and Bud Light for top honors in this year’s Brand…

power outage during Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl blackout lights up Twitter

What’s the twitter buzz from the world of sports? The lights going out in the Superdome during the Super Bowl lit up the Twitterverse on Sunday, and outshined the game and the commercials. “No way this power outage was on the pre-game prop bets!” — broadcaster Dave Sims (@TheDaveSimsShow) “Both teams should have prepared for this.” — ESPN’s Kenny Mayne… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Ads Face Off on Twitter in Online Brand Battle

A stolen prom kiss, smooching models and speeding showgirls are competing for online fans through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube today while the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. The stakes are high for the championship football game’s advertising sponsors, who spent as much as $133,333 a second for a half-minute of airtime, a record…

Social media is big business at Super Bowl

The social media monitoring service HootSuite has created and launched a real-time Super Bowl Social Media Command Center. Fans can visit the site and check to see which team is leading when it comes to Facebook mentions, likes, Twitter volume of the teams, quarterbacks and coaches and overall fan sentiment. It will be updated continually and available through Sunday’s game….

8 Companies That Need Super Bowl Ads

Read More at: The Street There was no dearth of companies interested in Super Bowl commercials this year, though plenty more should have been. While its tough to sneak your company’s Super Bowl commercials into the game-day lineup — Fox took down the vacancy sign for its $3 million, 30-second Super Bowl XLV commercial spots way back in October —…

The Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race Starts Today (Feb. 2)

Go to the Facebook page, pick your team to tweet for! On Feb. 2, four teams will leave New York, L.A., Chicago and Tampa in specially outfitted Mercedes-Benz vehicles, headed to Dallas, TX. Get ready to power these cars to the finish line. The more positive tweets received, the more power the car gets, which shouldn’t be a problem for…

Old Spice Guy Is Back to Promote Scents of Exotic Places

Old Spice and Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the agency behind the campaign, announced the return of the much-loved Guy, (Isaiah Mustafa) who will be featured in new advertisements to air the day after the Super Bowl. The news was posted to Old Spice channels on Facebook and Twitter. The Old Spice Guy will star in all-new two 15-second and one 30-second adverts…

Super Bowl 2011 ads expand into social media

Read More at: The Independant The peak advertising event of the year is joining the digital age by going beyond the 30-second TV spot to include online features, social networks and mobile media. Ad agencies are incorporating Facebook and Twitter as well as contest sites such as 

 Mercedes-Benz launches “The World’s First Twitter-Fueled Race,” which gives cars to…