Commercials28 Videos puts it on the Line with Debut of New Super Bowl Advertising Campaign, part of The Priceline Group and a leader in online and mobile travel that has saved customers over $10 billion since launch, today announced the roll-out of a fresh strategy, user experience and multi-platform advertising campaign. Today’s modern traveler takes shorter and more frequent trips, according to data, and the company’s new strategy […]

[VIDEO] Pizza Hut’s Super Bowl Hut. Hut. Hut! Campaign

Football fans across America have been shouting “Hut Hut Hut” for a chance to appear in a Pizza Hut commercial before the Big Game, so now America’s largest pizza company is saying “thanks” by giving fans a BIG and EASY way to Make It Great following the matchup. After the most common word is heard […]

[VIDEO] Labatt Blue Brings Back Iconic Bear in Super Bowl Ad (Local Markets)

The Labatt Bear Spot to Air During Super Bowl® XLVII in Northeastern and Midwestern U.S. Markets An advertising icon from the back woods of Canada recently emerged again. The Labatt Bear gained popularity as one of Labatt Blue’s best commercials of all time. Here’s a sneak peak of the Labatt Bear commercial before it airs. […]

2013 GO DADDY – Perfect Match

Bar Refaeli Makes Out With One Lucky Nerd in New Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial. “There are two sides to Go Daddy,” begins longtime spokes-hottie Danica Patrick in the 30-second spot. “There’s the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. […]

[VIDEO] Sodastream 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Commercial “Sodastream Effect”

This is Sodastream’s first time to advertise during the Super Bowl broadcast. This is the actual commercial that will air during the 4th quarter. Sodastrean had an spot banned because of logo’s uniforms and trucks of other Super Bowl advertisers. See the banned commercial here. Because of the CBS ban, the ad team didn’t have […]

[VIDEO] Allstate’s Post-Game Super Bowl XLVII Mayhem “Apple” Commercial

Allstate is running a 30-second ad, featuring Mayhem, in Position 1A, immediately after the Super Bowl ends. In this 60-second version of the ad Mayhem shows the importance he’s played throughout history. He’s the apple that Eve gives to Adam: “I’m a forbidden fruit and not to brag or nothing, but I’m pretty much the […]

[VIDEO] Priceline Negotiator’s Daughter (Kaley Cuoco) Super Bowl XLVII Ad

#TheNegotiators are back and on they are on their first mission! Priceline’s Express Deals do the trick for a traveler looking to save. Starring William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco For the best deals on travel visit: Like us on Facebook: Follow Priceline on Twitter:

[VIDEO] Go Daddy Unveils First Super Bowl XLVII Ad with Danica Patrick for .CO

This 30-second spot due to air at the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter is titled “YourBigIdea.CO” was created by Deutsch in New York. The ad shows people all over the world putting off registering a special .CO domain name, thinking they’re the only ones with the big idea. In the end, the man who […]

[VIDEO] Audi Lets the Viewers Choose the Ending of Their Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

It starts out with a slightly insecure teenager is unhappy about going to the Senior Prom without a date, but confident, since he’s driving his father’s new 2013 Audi S6 high-performance sport sedan. Once he’s arrived at the Prom he’s a changed young man, he brazenly takes the principal’s parking spot. At the dance, he […]