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Fiat Chrysler Announces Super Bowl Ad Plan

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will blanket the Super Bowl with five ads for its Jeep and Ram brands, the automaker announced today. The ad buy represents a record number for the automaker in the game and ties it with Anheuser-Busch InBev for the most ads run by a single marketer in this year’s Super Bowl, based on what brands have confirmed… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Why Super Bowl ads still matter

In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, why are marketers still willing to throw down millions of dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl ad? It’s simple. The NFL’s marquee event is TV’s biggest game in town, and nothing else even comes close. “A lot of the trends that we’ve seen in the media world over the past decade have… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Exclusive 1st look at the ultra-secret Skittles Super Bowl ad

Teasers for the ultra-exclusive Skittles Super Bowl ad — which the company said they are only showing to one person — aired on “Good Morning America” today. “You’d probably like to know if this is a scene from the upcoming Skittles Super Bowl ad, but I can’t tell you because their only showing it to one single person,” actor David…

Where Are the Women? Super Bowl Ads Face Scrutiny Amid #MeToo Movement

Marketers have been exploiting women as sex objects for decades to peddle cars, beer and snacks, and no more visibly than on TV’s biggest stage. But as the country reels from what seems like daily revelations of new sexual harassment allegations, with women standing up to tell their stories of abuse in the workplace, microscopic scrutiny will be applied to… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Fiat Chrysler plans three ads during 2017 Super Bowl 51 (LI)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles confirmed that it would have three spots during Super Bowl 51 (LI). While no details have been released about the creative, the first spot will air during the second quarter, the second spot will air in the third quarter, and the third spot will air during the fourth quarter. This year at least seven other major automotive… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

‘Transformers’ Sequel, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Get Game-Day Play

Almost every Hollywood studio will air ads during Sunday’s pregame show and the game itself, where a 30-second spot costs a pricey $5 million. Transformers: The Last Knight will be among the upcoming Hollywood tentpoles advertised during Sunday’s Super Bowl game on Fox, Paramount confirmed Tuesday. The studio also will air a spot for Ghost in the Shell during the…

This Tostitos bag tells you if you've been drinking

Tostitos “Party Safe” bag helps you get home safe on Super Bowl Sunday

Tostitos’ Partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Limited-Edition “Party Safe” Bags Encourage Those Partying In Real Life to be Safe and Think Twice Before Drinking and Driving Nationally Available Tostitos Bags Ensure 25,000 Football Fans Receive $10 Off an Uber Ride Sunday, February 5 Tostitos tortilla chips and dips bring people together and are an essential part of most… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl billions: The big business behind the biggest game of the year

Last year, ad spending for commercials during the game totaled almost $380 million, according to Ad Age Datacenter. This year the cost of a 30-second spot exceeds $5 million, more than double what it was 10 years ago. And that’s just the cost for showing the commercial, not creating it and paying the writers, editors, actors, set designers and special-effects… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Five Super Bowl Commercial First-Timers Betting Big on the Big Game

The $5 million cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time is especially steep if you’ve never aired an ad during the big game before. Yet the National Football League knows it will get Super Bowl newcomers every year, mostly because they don’t have better options. According to Kantar Media, the Super Bowl has generated $2.59 billion in ad… News, Reviews, Previews of Super Bowl Commercials

Say Goodbye to Doritos Crowd Sourced Ads During Super Bowl LI

Their commercials have been some of the most popular shown during Super Bowls, but don’t look for Doritos ads during the Super Bowl LI telecast Feb. 5. Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo that also makes Cheetos, Funyuns and Sun Chips, told Advertising Age in an email that it was ending a 10-year run for the chips because the game “did…

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Celebration"

AB InBev Culls Portfolio, Cuts Bud Black Crown and Beck’s Sapphire

Anheuser-Busch InBev is axing two line extensions, Budweiser Black Crown and Beck’s Sapphire, that were plugged with pricey Super Bowl ads in 2013. The beers are among several products that the brewer will discontinue next year as part of what it is calling a “portfolio optimization initiative.” Also on the chopping block are two products introduced in 2015: Oculto, a…

Butterfinger Won’t Be Back in the Next Super Bowl

Butterfinger, which ran Super Bowl commercials in two of the last three years, plans to sit on the sidelines for Super Bowl LI. Rob Case, chief marketing officer for Nestle USA, said “We just feel it’s best on that particular brand to spend our resources in different ways.” The Super Bowl is a high consumption time for many Nestle brands,…