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Super Bowl Ads: YouTube Reveals Top 10 Most-Viewed Spots

One of the big winners out of Super Bowl LII’s advertising blitz: Amazon’s spot showcasing the Alexa voice assistant, which generated the most views on YouTube as of early Monday. Big movie trailers and TV shows also hit the top 10 most-viewed Super Bowl , according to YouTube . As of 1 a.m. Eastern on […]

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads

The lead-up to the Super Bowl normally brims with discussion of the ads teased in advance online. This year, that conversation got drowned out by a string of insane political events. The only spots that broke through the Trumpiandin in the days before the game were those that tackled immigration as a theme: one from […]

These Brands Won the Super Bowl Ad Blitz

Consumer brands and cars were among the big winners during the broadcast of Super Bowl LI. Coca-Cola (KO), Budweiser, Hyundai and others capitalized on TV’s biggest stage with ads that generated the most buzz online, according to data from YouTube and TD Ameritrade (AMTD). TD Ameritrade, a sponsor of the NFL, found that Coca-Cola won […]

Forget Popularity: These Super Bowl Ads Achieved Marketers’ Business Objectives

The confetti has barely been swept off the Levi’s Stadium turf, and the ad forensics are underway. Which ads were most and least liked? Which used a celebrity best? How did the ads differ from last year? The answers are always interesting, but rarely consequential nor predictive of marketplace success. Because the wrong questions are […]

Super Bowl Ads This Year Were Dying to Break Out of Your TV

Much like football itself, Super Bowl ads are a storied American tradition. The stories, feelings, and, yes, celebrities that show up offer a peek into our national psyche at a given moment in time. (Or at least they want to think they do.) But this year’s Super Bowl ads did something different—they showcased how ad […]

[VIDEO] Top 25 Weirdest & Most Bizarre Super Bowl Commercials

We like strange… We like different… Here’s our selection for the TOP 25 weirdest and most bizarre ads to have ever been aired during the Super Bowl. Mobile Users can view the playlist here. 1998 MILLER LIGHT – Evil Beavers 2001 VOLKSWAGEN – Tree 2001 PEPSI – Bob Dole 2002 LEVIS – Crazy Legs 2006 […]