Suave, Ridiculous Man Explains Changes to Doritos Super Bowl Contest

For the eighth year in a row, Doritos is giving aspiring Mad Men (and Mad Women) the chance to create an ad to air during the Super Bowl and win $1 million in the process. To kick off this year’s contest, the brand enlisted the help of the Crash Ambassador, a mustachioed, turtleneck-wearing, shamelessly Ron Burgundy-esque executive to lay down the rules.

In the tongue-in-cheek Web video below, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Mr. Ambassador announces that for the first time, the competition is GLOBAL (emphasis his), which means that even you, guy from Greece, can submit your very own ad. And the big prize this year—apart from the usual having-your-work-seen-by-100-million-people and getting a million bucks—is the opportunity to work on the set of Marvel’s newest Avengers movie (although in what capacity is left up in the air—craft services, perhaps?).

While most of the video has a distinctly ripped-from-Anchorman feel (look at that ridiculous double-breasted suit! What an anachronistically macho demeanor! Now he’s playing the drums with two turkey legs, how absurd!), there’s a brief Q&A session midway through that’s a not-so-subtle takedown of the self-seriousness of the ad business.

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