Total unique Internet audience increased due to Super Bowl

Total unique Internet audience increased 10.7%, from 23.5 million to 26.1 million.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)—-Between Sunday, January 30 and Monday, January 31, the total unique Internet audience increased 10.7%, from 23.5 million to 26.1 million.

The driving force behind the two day growth were the Super Bowl advertisers who experienced an overnight increase of 15.7% in unique audience, from 1.75 million to 2.03 million, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, the Internet measurement service from Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings, Inc. (Nasdaq:NTRT).

Leading the charge were, an online network for women, and and, both of which are Internet-based career solutions companies. On Monday, January 31, had a unique audience of nearly 174,000. In comparison,’s total unique audience for the entire week of January 24 was approximately 190,000. made a similar leap in unique audience on the day after the Super Bowl with 156,000 unique visitors. In comparison,’s total traffic for the week of January 24 was approximately 328,000. Meanwhile, reached a unique audience of over 251,000 on Monday, which was 39.6% above its average of 180,000 per day during the week of January 24.

“Dot.Com companies who advertised on Super Bowl XIV had the challenge of balancing style and substance,” said Allen Weiner, Vice President of Analytical Services for NetRatings. “In a single 30-second spot, advertisers had to grab the viewer’s attention while conveying a clear value proposition and reason to visit their site. Those who were able to accomplish these goals will be rewarded with sustained traffic gains and find themselves book marked for repeat usage.”

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