Bud Light backtracks from its Super Bowl ads about corn syrup

Anheuser-Busch InBev spent big on Super Bowl ads this year, shelling out for 6 minutes worth of ad time at an average price tag of $5.2 million per 30 seconds. It used the time to advertise its beer brands including Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Michelob Ultra. But it was the two Bud Light ads about corn syrup that […]

Jeep Gets Record Views Without Super Bowl Expenditure

A Jeep spot released in advance of the Super Bowl has “shattered” the automaker’s online record by garnering over 106 million views.  And the eight commercials released as part of Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s “Big Game Blitz” digital and social strategy have aggregated more than 169 million views — well beyond the estimated viewership for the game […]

Things you probably didn’t know about Apple’s famous ‘1984’ Super Bowl ad that almost didn’t air

Apple almost didn’t air its iconic, dystopian-themed 1984 Super Bowl commercial, former Apple CEO John Sculley tells Business Insider. However, the commercial successfully made it to broadcast, and it became one of the most celebrated ads in history. The story behind the ad’s production is the subject of the latest episode of Business Insider’s podcast, Household […]

Around the Web: Super bowl ads left much to be desired

From the disappointing SpongeBob SquarePants tribute at halftime to the boring and frustrating game between the Patriots and the Rams — the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history — it is easy to see why fans were excited for the next round of commercials. However, fans should have been equally disappointed by the ads that were neither funny nor […]

Why This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Were ‘Meh’

If the Super Bowl is the culmination of a year of great football, then Super Bowl commercials are the pinnacle of great marketing. At least they should be. But the ads for this year’s big game, which cost a reported $5 million per 30-second spot, were decidedly lackluster (a word many also used to describe […]

New Orleans newspaper ignores Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIII might be over, but the city of New Orleans isn’t over it. The New Orleans Times-Picayune released its front page for Monday’s edition. On it, the paper pretends Super Bowl LIII didn’t even happen. There’s no picture featured on the front page, only five words. The blown call that kept the Saints […]

Lowest-rated Super Bowl in a decade

Super Bowl 53 (LIII) drew an overnight rating of 44.9/68 share, the lowest-rated Super Bowl since the Pittsburgh Steelers-Arizona Cardinals matchup a decade ago. The 44.9 for SBLIII marks a 5 percent drop in viewership over last year’s Patriots-Philadelphia Eagles game (47.4 rating), and a nearly 10 percent drop over Super Bowl XLIX, when the […]

Microsoft’s moving Xbox ad was the best thing about the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 53 has come and gone and, for me at least, there was one clear highlight. This Microsoft commercial: Essentially a commercial for Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, this ad follows up on an earlier ad from the Christmas period, which highlights young kids with limited mobility playing video games. It’s incredible. It tells the story of kids with limited […]


Super Bowl Ads: From The Silly To The Serious The Latest: Bud Light Irks Corn Industry With Super Bowl Ads Washington Post union leader blasts company for high-dollar Super Bowl ad Super Bowl Ads 2019: Stunts, Self-Deprecation And Celebrity Sightings Super Bowl ads: Who scored and who wasted their money Super Bowl ad from Washington […]

The 10 best Super Bowl commercials, from Pepsi’s self-own to the one good Bud Light ad

Super Bowl commercials played it safe this year: light on the political commentary, heavy on the celebrity spokespeople. There weren’t even that many puppies and babies, unless you count the creepy TurboTax baby robot that longed to become an accountant. But what we lacked in cute animals, we made up for in ‘90s nostalgia, from […]

Super Bowl Ads: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The game was a low-scoring snooze, and Maroon 5’s half-time show exuded strongly bleached blandness, leaving the ads our last best hope to avoid total Super Bowl viewing disaster. Here are the ads that rose to the occasion, and those that did not: THE  GOOD: Andy Warhol Wins Big year for Andy Warhol who was paid […]

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