Top 25 Weird & Bizarre Super Bowl Ads30 Videos


2013 DORITOS – Fashionista Daddy

This commercial is one of the 2 winners in the Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl” contest of 2013. This ad aired during the XLVII broadcast, and a possible winner of the USA Today AdMeter.

2013 OREO – Whisper Fight

When grown men whisper-fight about OREO cookies in a library, everyone wins. Join the fight on Instagram… We might just re-create your photo using your favorite part of the OREO.

2013 LINCOLN – Once Upon A Tweet with Jimmy Fallon

We took five original tweets, a few alpacas, and our new MKZ and re-imagined the way a commercial is written. This is our official, full-length #SteerTheScript commercial starring RevRun, Wil Wheaton, Emmitt Smith, and you. (can we say all those names? I think we should if we can!) The journey isn’t over. Find out what’s […]