Budweiser “Bigger Picture”

For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser isn’t airing a commercial during the Super Bowl. Instead, we’re redirecting our advertising dollars to support COVID-19 vaccines awareness and education. Working with partners like the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, we’re helping to safely bring people back together again soon. Over the past year, we’ve seen […]

Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi won’t be airing Super Bowl ads this year

Several major brands have decided to sit out of the Super Bowl this year. Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi, which have debuted some iconic Super Bowl commercials in the past, are opting not to pay the astronomical fee for a 30-second ad spot during the big game this year.Ad Instead, some brands are choosing to spend that money […]

2020 BUDWEISER – Whassup Again

In a world with so much smart technology, there are still people who make the wrong choice to drive impaired. Budweiser and Uber are teaming up to help Canadians choose a smart way home after #SuperBowlLIV. Tune in to the game to find out #Whassup.

2020 BUDWEISER – Typical American

America, look beyond the labels. You might be surprised by what you find. For this year’s Super Bowl LIV commercial, Budweiser is showcasing the extraordinary people that represent the best of America. This Bud’s For You. To find out more, visit: https://www.budweiser.com

Anheuser-Busch 2019 Super Bowl Ad Plans

Anheuser-Busch bets on the Big Game with nearly 5 minutes of ad time The brand is the exclusive alcohol advertiser during the Super Bowl 53 (LIII) and planning for eight ads featuring five brands and seven products this year. Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Stella and Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer. The ads will run in four 45-second spots, […]

2019 BUDWEISER – Wind Never Felt Better

The time has come to take action and help build a better future for us all. That’s why wind has never felt better. Budweiser is now brewed with 100% renewable electricity from wind power. Learn more about our commitment to a renewable future here: www.budweiser.com

2018 BUDWEISER – Stand By You

Since 1988, our Cartersville, GA brewery team has helped provide more than 79 million cans of water to cities across the U.S. that were impacted by natural disasters. But there’s more to do. By the end of 2018, our brewery in Fort Collins, CO will be equipped to help us deliver even more clean drinking […]

Budweiser Says Super Bowl Ad About Immigrant Founder Is Not Political Commentary

The ad depicts Adolphus Busch’s immigrant journey to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the King of Beers. A marketing executive at Budweiser said the ad is “super relevant today,” but he also cautioned that the commercial is not meant to be taken as commentary on the current political climate in the United […]

Budweiser’s best Super Bowl ads of all time

Whether you think Budweiser’s truly the king of beers, it’s the undisputed king of beer commercials. Anheuser-Busch InBev cranks out compelling Bud ads each year that range from hilarious to heart-melting. Its brands are always a top contender in the USA TODAY Ad Meter, and its commercials—think the Budweiser frogs or “Wassup”—can become “cultural touchstones,” […]