Allstate’s Post-Game Super Bowl XLVII Mayhem “Apple” Commercial

Allstate is running a 30-second ad, featuring Mayhem, in Position 1A, immediately after the Super Bowl ends.

In this 60-second version of the ad Mayhem shows the importance he’s played throughout history. He’s the apple that Eve gives to Adam: “I’m a forbidden fruit and not to brag or nothing, but I’m pretty much the most amazing apple ever.”

He’s the reason why dinosaurs are extinct, and why the Trojan horse made it into Troy; he’s the cow responsible for the Chicago fire, why the Liberty Bell is cracked, why the leaning tower of Pisa is slanted, and why the NFL referees went on strike.

The spot ends with Mayhem biting an apple as the voiceover states: “Mayhem has been and always will be everywhere.”

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